Highland Hoppers

This class is designed to introduce the youngest dancers to the environment of an instructor-led dance class while having fun, exploring their creativity, and learning the fundamentals of Scottish Highland Dance. Learning and growing through play is at the core of this introductory class! Guardians do not accompany dancers in this class.

Small & Tall Dance

Designed for a child and a guardian to move together! This creates a unique opportunity for bonding alongside learning and fun. These classes are upbeat, exciting, and a fabulous introduction to the foundations Highland dance. From positions to foundational skills such hopping and skipping. These class also focus on imagination, improvisation, and how movement and play work together.

Retired Highland Dancer

This class is designed for retired Highland dancers or adults with Highland dance experience who want to get back into the studio! We strive for a relaxed environment where dancers can find joy in putting their ghillies back on, and can find camaraderie in a group of accepting peers.

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