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Every Great Class Starts With A Solid Stretch!
Follow Saorsa Studio Owner Nicole Odo As She Guides You Through This 10 Minute Warm Up!

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Intro To Highland

This class is designed to introduce dancers to the basic movements, steps, and dances of Highland dance.

Intro to Step Dance

This class is designed to introduce anyone to the basics of Maritime Step Dance, working our way up from the most basic steps. This class is sure to make you break a sweat!

Retired Highland

This class is designed for retired Highland dancers who want to get back into dance in a fun and relaxed environment.

Small + Tall Dance

Designed for a child and a guardian to move together!

These classes are upbeat, exciting, and a fabulous introduction to foundational preschool dance, including elements of ballet, jazz, hip hop & acrobatic dance. These class also focus on imagination, improvisation, and how movement and play work together.

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