At Saorsa Studio, we offer Highland dance classes for all ages and skill levels. from group lessons to 1:1 instruction, there's a movement class for everyone.

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Competitive & Recreational Highland Dance Studio Based in Fredericton, New Brunswick

Building strong dancers, Friendships and positive Work Ethics

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Starting September 2023, find your favourite classes on Fredericton’s South side.

Hosted at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, our South side programming is centred around our recreational participants.


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We're known for our diverse array of classes and great teachers

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private lessons for those who want to learn at their own pace or train for a competition.

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Curious to know what highland dancing is about? Come learn the basic moves & techniques in a friendly, supportive environment. A great place to start!


State-of-the-art highland dance studios in Fredericton New Brunswick that offers dance students a variety of amenities to help them reach their potential.

We welcome dancers of all skill levels & ages

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Fall 2023 Offerings

Saorsa North

Registration Opens August 2023

Fall 2023 Offerings

Saorsa South

Registration Opens August 2023


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We're known for our passionate
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“I'm passionate about teaching Highland dancing because it's a truly unique form of expression. It's a physical activity that requires both coordination and strength, while also being a beautiful art form. I love seeing my students progress and watching them perform with confidence and grace.”

Nicole Odo

Nicole is passionate about working with hard working Highland Dancers that want to dream and achieve big!

Kate Francoeur

Kate enjoys teaching students not only about the physical challenges of dance and how to strive to be your best, but also allowing dancers the space to form friendships and have fun!

Sarah Graham

Sarah brings great energy and joy to the studio - she hopes to inspire and help young dancers develop love for the sport, while creating a welcoming and fun space for all.

Kendra Kilpatrick

Kendra's goal when teaching is to create an atmosphere where dancers can be themselves and develop their passion for dance.

Hannah Howe

Hannah is passionate about helping dancers achieve their goals and become the best they can be.
our dancers (& their parents) say

“Best dance studio I have ever been too! The atmosphere is welcoming and super friendly. I felt like I belong from the moment I stepped through the front doors and Nicole is a fantastic dance teacher! ”

“A great class! Enjoyed my time in person but really appreciated the option for recordings when the time didn’t work for baby.”

“Great class to get moving again, reconnect with the dance community, and learn new movement. The instructors bring the joy to dance.”

“After trying other studios, this is the first time our 2yo daughter has enjoyed a dance class. The atmosphere in the studio is welcoming and fun. She asks almost every morning if dance class is today! We’re hoping she will continue to progress to other classes.”

“My daughter attends Highland classes at Sarosa Studio with Nicole Odo. My daughter joined the dance school this past year, with 5 years of previous experinece, and has been welcomed with open arms. classes have been nothing short of awesome! My daughter receives regular feedback and corrections. She has also received video critiques and a personal note from her instructor on why she is glad to have her there. She feels included as a member of this dance family and finds everyone to be helpful and kind. Her technique has improved and she is progressing in her learning and feels motivated to keep pushing herself. I appreciate everything Nicole and all the other instructors have done for her.”

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We really encourage you to come just as you are.

Whether you're a beginner, retired or a seasoned pro, we have a class for you. We also offer private lessons for those who want to learn at their own pace or train for a competition.

Come check us out today and see why we're the best highland dance studio in Fredericton, New Brunswick!