You'll love our team's passion for teaching and their dedication to your success.

“I’m passionate about teaching Highland dancing because it’s a truly unique form of expression. It’s a physical activity that requires both coordination and strength, while also being a beautiful art form. I love seeing my students progress and watching them perform with confidence and grace.”

our dance instructors

These Gals Are Guaranteed To Make You Break A Sweat

Nicole Odo

Nicole is passionate about working with hard working Highland Dancers that want to dream and achieve big!

Kate Francoeur

Kate enjoys teaching students not only about the physical challenges of dance and how to strive to be your best, but also allowing dancers the space to form friendships and have fun!

Sarah Graham

Sarah brings great energy and joy to the studio - she hopes to inspire and help young dancers develop love for the sport, while creating a welcoming and fun space for all.

Kendra Kilpatrick

Kendra's goal when teaching is to create an atmosphere where dancers can be themselves and develop their passion for dance.

Hannah Howe

Hannah is passionate about helping dancers achieve their goals and become the best they can be.