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Dance starts September 6th, 2022
Classes until December 19th, 2022
BREAK – December 19 – 31st
Classes start back up January 3rd, 2023
Semester goes until June 30th, 2023

  • New dancers – dance shoes are not required

  • Returning dancers – dance shoes required at class!

  • Shoes can be purchased at the studio or through Dance Studio Pro’s Portal (must be logged into an account > click online store once logged in.)


Yes! We’re Proud To Have A High Tech System To Bring You Into Most Classes From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

We don’t allow parents to sit in on dance classes as it is a distraction for all of the dancers in the class. Some exceptions:


Parent viewing weeks – each semester around the mid-way point, we aim to host a Parent Viewing Week where parents can observe the last 10 minutes of class and the dancers get to show you what they’ve learned so far


Parent/Guardian & Dancer designated classes: parents are permitted in classes that are specifically designated for dancers and parents to attend and dance together


Privates: at the discretion of the instructor teaching the private, parents may be permitted to observe. It can be helpful for parents to take notes of the corrections given to the dancer during the class.


Small & Tall Highland

"After trying other studios, this is the first time our 2yo daughter has enjoyed a dance class. The atmosphere in the studio is welcoming and fun. She asks almost every morning if dance class is today! We’re hoping she will continue to progress to other classes."


Retired Highland Dance

"Best dance studio I have ever been too! The atmosphere is welcoming and super friendly. I felt like I belong from the moment I stepped through the front doors and Nicole is a fantastic dance teacher!"


Twirling Thistles

"My daughter attends Highland classes at Sarosa Studio with Nicole Odo. My daughter joined the dance school this past year, with 5 years of previous experinece, and has been welcomed with open arms. classes have been nothing short of awesome! My daughter receives regular feedback and corrections. She has also received video critiques and a personal note from her instructor on why she is glad to have her there. She feels included as a member of this dance family and finds everyone to be helpful and kind. Her technique has improved and she is progressing in her learning and feels motivated to keep pushing herself. I appreciate everything Nicole and all the other instructors have done for her."


Leaping Lassies, Retired Highland Dance

"Nicole is a dancer I’ve looked up to since competing many years ago, after taking several years off Nicole has worked with me to get back into competitions and learning to love the sport again! She is a brilliant teacher and role model for young dancers everywhere. Nicole’s studio is welcoming and I highly recommend enrolling!"


Leaping Lassies

"I loved my experience both attending classes in person and via Zoom! Nicole runs her classes very organized and thought out."


Tartan Tots

"My daughter has had such a wonderful experience in the Tartan Tot program at Nicole Odo School of Dance and Saorsa Studio . She loves going to class and is always eager to show me what she has learned. Alyssa is a very caring and attentive teacher and is always there to answer any questions. I highly recommend this program for your little dancer."


Retired Highland Dance

"Great class to get moving again, reconnect with the dance community, and learn new movement. The instructors bring the joy to dance."


Highland Hoppers

"Love this casual Wednesday morning class. I started in the fall of 2021 with my then 3 year old. She loved it. Now my almost 2 year old and my now 4 year old both go on Wednesday mornings. It's a fun, inviting class where the kids can wear off some energy. I like how it is laid back so both kids can participate. Jade is really easy going with the kids and the parents. It's nice to have something during the week to do with them that everyone enjoys."

Tartan Teddies

This class is designed to introduce children ages 3-4 to the basics of Highland dance while becoming accustomed to the instructor-led classroom dynamic.

Dancers learn basic positions, steps, and dances while having fun and exploring their creativity. Learning and growing through play is at the core of this class!

While this class is recreational, dancers at this age have the opportunity to become competitive.

What To Wear + Bring To Classes

For Full Semester Programs:

For Full Semester Programs
  • Black Tank/Tee/Bodysuit
  • Black Shorts
  • Hair In A Bun
  • White Knee Socks
  • Dance Shoes (Not Required for New Dancers)
  • Water Bottle
For 12-Week Programs
  • Comfortable Active Wear
  • Water Bottle

There's Many Ways To Join In On The Fun

Class Schedule

6 Week Summer Programs

July 10-August 21
Registration Open Now





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6 week summer programs

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