A Visual Guide to Your Child’s First Highland Positions

If You're Wondering if Your Child is Ready to Try Dance Classes, Try These Foundational Positions With Them

If you’re thinking about getting your child into the dance studio, try learning these foundational positions with them at home! These are the first five foot positions they will be learning in the studio.

In addition to using this guide for potential new dancers, parents of any beginner dancer can use this guide to help with at-home practicing. With young dancers, the best way to encourage progress is to have at-home check ins. Asking your dancer to demonstrate the things they’re learning is a great way to reinforce knowledge on the days they’re not in the studio. This visual guide will help you know what to look for as you as you encourage your young dancer!

When watching an experienced dancer perform, it can be difficult to visualise how they went from a complete beginner to feeling at home on the stage. But the truth is that even the best dancers have to start somewhere. That “somewhere” is with our basic positions. 

The Basic Positions of Highland Dance Serve as the Basis for the Movements and Dances to Come

Try them at home!

First Position

“Pizza Feet”
Heels are together, with toes pointed outward. Between our feet, we want to be forming a “piece of pizza” (or pie, if you have a sweet tooth)

Second Position

One foot is pointed directly to the side with the knee straight. The other foot, known as the supporting foot, remains in “pizza feet” position. 

Third Position

One foot is pointed directly beside the supporting foot, in line with its arch. The feet are in contact with each other. 

Fourth Position

One foot is pointed to the front, with the knee straight. The heels of both feet should be in line with each other.

Fifth Position

This position is very similar to third position. One foot is pointed directly next to the supporting foot, in line with the toe joint (rather than the arch as in third position). The feet are in contact with each other. 

You Did It! Now What?

If your child did well or had fun learning these positions at home, they’re definitely ready to get to dancing with us in-studio! These five foot positions are only the beginning. 

If you’re looking to give them another opportunity to try Highland dance, we offer a complimentary class to anyone willing to try! Learn more and start your journey today. 

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