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Saorsa Studio Dancers Travel to Calgary for the SDTA North American Scholarship Conference Dancer Diary In September, five hard-working Saorsa Studio dancers traveled to Calgary, Alberta to participate in the Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance (SDTA) North American Scholarship Conference event! The SDTA conference is a fabulous opportunity for dancers to spread their wings when it …

How to Enter a Dance Studio Ready to Move! Are you ready to begin your journey into the world of dance?Whether you're finally taking the leap into a new hobby or you're sending your child to their first dance class experience, the first dance class of the season is an exciting and memorable experience.It's a …

The RSOBHD publishes technical guides to the highland dances, national dances, and the Irish Jig and Sailor’s Hornpipe, releasing updated versions every few years. The textbooks include the approved steps for each dance, including their composition down to the beat. They also include detailed descriptions of the movements and positions that make up the steps. …

As Canadian competitive Highland dancers move through the competitive categories toward Premier level, provincials looms large. Also known as provincial championships or selection meets, provincials is an annual occurrence in each province, giving Premier dancers the opportunity to represent their province at that year’s Canadian championships. In this post, we’ll break down everything you need …

As new dancers ease into the world of competitive Highland dance, a lot of questions can pop up. How does registration work? What dances do they do? What do dancers wear? How does the competition run? This blog post covers all those questions and more, so you can enter the next competition with ease.

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Upcoming events at Saorsa

Dancing in a Winter Wonderland – 2023 holiday recital

Saturday, December 9th at 5:30pm
Theatre Bernard Poirier at the Centre Communautaire Sainte-Anne

Annual Studio Christmas party

Sunday, December 10th 3-5pm at Saorsa North

All dancers and families are welcome to join us for holiday snacks and activities hosted by the Fredericton Highland Dance Association!