Signs Your Child Would Love Highland Dance Classes

Signs Your Child Would Love Highland Dance Classes

If you’re looking for a sign to get your child involved in dance classes, this is it! 

Dance is a fantastic way for kids to express themselves creatively, learn through movement, make lifelong memories, and join a tight-knit community of friends. If even one of the following statements sounds like your child, it’s time to get them into the studio!

They're Always Moving

If it sometimes seems like your child has endless amounts of energy, they’ll enjoy channeling that spirit into structured movement and creative expression. Just like visual or auditory learning, some children have an affinity for kinesthetic learning, or learning through movement. 

They Enjoy Moving to Music

If your child is always asking you to put on their favourite songs, they’ll love dancing to music in-studio. Not only do dancers rely on music for their craft, dancing develops dancers’ musical intelligence. 

They're Social and Enjoy Being Around Other Children

Dance class is a very social environment! 

They Aren't Very Social - They're a Bit Shy

Dance classes can give even the shyest kids a chance to come out of their shells in a comfortable and safe environment. 

They're Creative

Dance is an ultimate form of creative expression!

They Enjoy Playing Dress Up

It can be fun to make an event out of dance class each week! Dancers can learn to love putting on their dance uniform and do their hair in a bun. 

They Can Follow Instructions

Dance class environments are a space for freedom and creativity, but they also revolve around order and following the leader. 

They're Eager to Make Friends Their Age

Our dance classes are sorted by age and skill level, so they’ll be interacting with peers they can relate to.

They Show Interest in Patterns

If you observe your child when they’re playing and they seem to show understanding of and interest in patterns, they’ll enjoy the nature of dance. Highland dance in particular is full of pattern and repetition. 

They Enjoy Watching Others Dance

Whether it’s in their favourite show or movie, or they’ve enjoyed a local dance performance, chances are that if a child likes to watch dance, they’ll love being a part of it. 

They're Persistent and Not Afraid of a Challenge

Dance, whether in the studio learning something new or in competition, is an opportunity for kids to experience failures, frustration, and disappointments. Exercising the ability to get back up after falling down is important for dancers in the dance world, and as they move forward into their futures. 

So, Does That Sound Like Your Child?

If it sounds like your little one is ready to get in the studio, try our FREE virtual and in-studio trials. Or, you can get right in get registered. We’re excited to welcome you and your child into our dance family!

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