Highland Dancer Gift Guide: All You Need Underneath the Tree

All a Highland Dancer Could Need

Underneath the tree!

The holidays are quickly approaching, and it’s time to go looking for the perfect gift for that dancer in your life. Lucky for you, we’ve complied all of our favourite products – there’s something for everyone!

Our Highland Dancer Gift Guide contains everything a dancer could want and need. We’ve sorted it into three categories: competition must-haves, practice boosters, and dancer self-care. 

Competition Must-Haves

These gifts are perfect for competitive dancers! On the day of a competition, these products can give dancers that extra boost they need to perform their best.

Bloch Warm Up Booties

These Booties are designed to keep feet warm during warm up and between dances. They’re padded to provide comfort and support, and socks and shoes will fit inside them! They also come in multiple colours.

Rac n Roll
When attending competitions with costume changes, carrying multiple outfits to and from the venue is a pain! Let alone hair supplies, makeup, snacks, rollers, water bottles…
The Rac n Roll is a “Dressing Room on Wheels” – it includes a pop-up clothing rack, lots of pockets, and you can get lots of cool accessories including privacy curtains, pop-up stools, garment bags, hangers, and mirrors!
Ghillies are essential to competitive Highland dance – they’re the perfect gift for anyone who dreams with visions of medals and trophies dancing in their head!

Practice Boosters

Practice is the key to progress! Boost your dancer’s practices with these fantastic products.

Practice Clothing
For Reel Apparel makes clothing by Highland dancers, for Highland dancers. Their great array of clothing and styles means that there’s something for everyone! 
Studio Apparel
For Reel Apparel also makes clothing specifically for dance studios! If your studio has an account with FRA, you can get any item of clothing with your own logo on it. Show your studio pride!
Shoe Bag
Bloch makes mesh shoe bags to hold all of your dance slippers! The mesh conveniently allows ghillies to air out while being stored (they probably need it). 
Dance Bag Organiser
Bloch also makes dance bag organisers which roll up to keep things orderly while stored. They have many convenient pockets, and a hook so you can hang it up!
Dance Bag
Having a good dance bag can put a spring in any dancer’s step as they head to class or to practice. Here are a few we recommend!
For adults: the Lululemon Side-Cinch Shopper Bag
For kids: the MOSISO Duffel Bag
For toddlers: the VASCHY Travel Bag
There are countless options out there for dance clothing depending on your price range and style, but our personal favourite is the Lululemon Align shorts.
If you’re looking to get swords for practicing, why not go all out? Lindsay Rose Highland Dance Company makes beautiful custom swords with many options for sizes, designs, colours, dance studio logos, and more. 
Foot Roller
Capezio makes these awesome wooden foot rollers which are amazing at relieving tension in dancer’s feet. 
Resistance Bands
Resistance bands are a fantastic multi-use tool which are valuable for cross-training, target strengthening muscles, and stretching. 
Wrist/Ankle Weights
Adjustable ankle and wrist weights are a helpful tool when developing strength and stamina. These are one of our personal favourite tools for practice!
Muscle Rollers
Foam and stick rollers are an absolutely fantastic tool for recovery. They’re highly effective at massaging deep tissue and recovering after practice or class or competitions.
Portable Dance Barre
A barre is a helpful tool for dancers working on smaller, slower, and more stationary movements. What’s better than a dance barre? A portable dance barre!

Dancer Self Care

Many dancers don’t just dance – they live the lifestyle. These gifts are for those who live, breathe, eat, and sleep dance.

Highland Bundles

Highland Bundles is a subscription box made by and for Highland dancers! Each box contains products designed to suit Highland dancers, pertaining to competition, practice, and self care. A subscription to Highland Bundles would provide dancers with 4 boxes each year – stretching your holiday gift year-round!

Mini Bundles
If a subscription to Highland Bundles isn’t the option for you, Mini Bundles are a one-time box featuring products from past Highland Bundles. The perfect surprise box for the holidays!
Tartan Accessories
REUNIQUE Scotland sells handcrafted tartan accessories made of recycled fabric scraps! Stay stylish and eco-friendly.
Tartan Scrunchies
Tie your hair up for your next dance class with a super cute, handmade (in Atlantic Canada!) scrunchie from Highland Hair.

Happy Holidays!

We hope you found everything you need for the perfect gifts. Time to dance our way into this special season❤️

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