Your Essential Guide to Mastering the Saorsa Studio Portal

Your Essential Guide to our Studio Portal

Our DanceStudio Pro Portal is the key to keeping our busy studio organised! The Portal hosts so many helpful tools, it can be hard to keep them all straight – this guide should help with that!

This post covers everything you need to know to become a pro at using the Portal, including:

  • How do I register for classes?
  • Can I add another family contact so they get emails from the studio too?
  • How do I pay online?
  • Can I buy dance shoes?
  • How do I know if there’s class today?
  • What date does my 12-week program start?
  • Can I see the receipts for my transactions?
  • When is the next studio social event? 
  • Is there class on _ holiday?
  • Notify the studio you won’t be at class
And so many more!
First things first, you need to get to the Portal. You have the option to use the desktop or the mobile app version of DanceStudio Pro – each one has its perks! We recommend getting familiar with both.

Additionally, if blog posts aren’t your thing, we have video tutorials to help you get to know the Portal! Watch the desktop and app tutorials to get to know the system.

Note the Differences

As you’ll be able to tell from the video tutorials, there are a few key differences in how the desktop and the app versions of the Portal work for users, which we’ll note in each feature section.

A perk to using the app is the feature of push notifications, which you can enable through your device settings. These keep you up to date on the go!

Studio Chat

Another perk of the app is the “Chat” feature, which allows you to connect with your studio peers. Downloading the app is the only way to access the chat, so we highly recommend downloading!

Welcome to Your Studio Portal!

This software enables easy communication throughout the studio, and allows you to manage your studio experience at the click of a button. 

The first step to accessing our studio portal is to create an account. You’ll need to have an account to attend classes! This is what you’ll see when you first log into the desktop version. You’ll be able to see a quick view of your schedule for the day, any balance owing, and then links to all the available features of the software.

Features we cover in this section:

Upon opening the app version, you’ll be greeted by your weekly schedule. The four tabs at the bottom of the screen will lead you to the other features. 

A key fact to remember is that the “My Schedule” tab of the app does not display your private lesson bookings. To view these from the app, you’ll need to visit “Private Lessons” from under the “More” tab.


Features we’re covering in this blog:

  • Virtual bulletin board
  • Register for classes
  • Manage students
  • Make online payment
  • Buy tickets
  • Book a private lesson
  • Shop our online store
  • View shared files
  • View signed waivers
  • Account settings
  • Attendance / report an absence
  • View studio & class calendar
  • Studio Chat

Your Virtual Bulletin Board

Our virtual bulletin board is where we post reminders, announcements, and more, mid-month between our regularly scheduled studio newsletters that go out on the first of each month. Things like upcoming due dates, studio socials, rescheduled classes, and more will be summarized here!


On the app, this feature is called “News and Notes”, and you’ll find it under the “More” tab.

We often use announcement pop-ups as well, so those announcements will show up for you in a pop-up window as soon as you log in.

You’ll receive an email from Dance Studio Pro that will notify you when you have messages waiting. That way you never miss a memo from the studio!

Additionally, you can access your full email history! Any email that is sent from the studio (within the software – this excludes any external email chains where you’re emailed the studio directly) will be stored here for easy review. No more scrolling and searching through your email history!

Registering for Classes

Getting into the class you want has never been easier! Click “Register for classes” which will take you to our list of available classes.

On the app, this feature is called “Register for Classes”, and you’ll find it under the “More” tab.


From here, you can schedule a trial, or enroll in a class. You’ll see a few tabs to choose from, which allows you to see what is currently being offered at the studio. 


Ahead of September registration, we allow dance families to register based on their payment method preference (monthly, by semester or full year), in which case, you would see a couple more tabs listed here.


You will only see classes listed that you qualify for by age!

Manage Students

You can manage all of your family members in one place by clicking this button!

On the app, this feature is called “My Students”, and you’ll find it under the “More” tab.

Here you’ll see all of the students in your family and what classes you’re registered for. As an example, you’ll see that I started to enrol myself in a class, so this page will help you finish any registrations you haven’t completed yet.

Make an Online Payment

This button allows you to pay for any outstanding balances on your account.

On the app, this feature is found under the “Pay” tab.

This page is fairly straightforward, but also allows you to update your account information, change your password, pay online, set up automatic payments and view your payment history. All transaction information in one simple spot!


This feature will allow you to purchase tickets for any upcoming recitals or events if we are selling directly through the software. Sometimes, our ticket sales are hosted through Eventbrite instead, but the studio will communicate with you accordingly.

On the app, this feature is called “Buy Tickets”, and you’ll find it under the “More” tab.

The list of events you can purchase tickets for would be listed on this page!

Book a Private Lesson

Looking for some additional lessons to get ahead in your dancing? Booking a private has never been easier!

On the app, this feature is called “Private Lessons”, and you’ll find it under the “More” tab. Remember that the “My Schedule” tab on the app does not display private lesson bookings you make. To see your bookings: “More” tab > “Private Lessons” > “My Appointments”.

By clicking into this feature, you’ll be brought to a list of appointment services we offer with our list of instructors. Choose a service and click “schedule”.

You’ll then be brought to a page that will show you what availability the instructor has based on the service (ie. this is Callum’s availability for a 1-hr private lesson). Click through the dates to find a time that works for you.

PS: If there are no appointments available for the instructor you’re looking for, you may need to find a different appointment duration (ie. 30 mins instead of 60 mins), OR their private lesson slots have all been booked. 

The software will always show you the most up to date availability!

Online Store

At our studio, we sell highland dance shoes, as well as competitive services such as competition video review by an instructor.

On the app, this feature is called “Studio Store”, and you’ll find it under the “More” tab.

When you click into the online store, you’ll be brought to our list of products where you can purchase what you need! Our staff will receive a notification and will start packing up your goods.

Shared Files

This is where important documents, class files and class music is stored for your convenience.

On the app, this feature is called “Shared Files”, and you’ll find it under the “More” tab.

There are 3 tabs, and this is where the studio & your class teacher can share important information with you.


We have a few waivers that need signing at our studio to attend classes, and they are housed here!

On the app, this feature is called “Waiver and Release”, and you’ll find it under the “More” tab.

You’ll be prompted to sign these waivers when enrolling and creating an account. You can refer back to them for your information by clicking into this software feature.


Account Settings

Keep your account information up to date here and add any family contacts that you would like to have receive communications from the studio as well! Keep the whole family in the loop.

On the app, this feature is stored in several distinct sections, all under the “More” tab, including “My Account Details”, “Change my Password”, and “My Account History”. 


Can’t make it to a class? No problem! With this feature, you can easily report to the studio that you won’t be at class that night.

On the app, this feature is called “Attendance”, and you’ll find it under the “More” tab.

This feature notifies the studio owner, your instructor AND updates your instructor’s class attendance sheet so they will know you won’t be there. This saves a ton of emails!


Your one stop for all things studio schedule related!

On the app, this feature is called “Studio Calendar”, and you’ll find it under the “More” tab.

Not only will you see your class schedule, but you’ll also be able to see when the next studio social is, parent viewing weeks, no class-dates, competitions, performances and more!

We aim to keep this up to date so you can easily manage your schedule from one place.

Studio Chat

As we mentioned earlier, the studio chat feature is a super helpful way to stay in contact with the studio! This feature is only accessible through the app

You can access the chat through the “Chat” tab at the bottom of the app. 


Navigating Difficulties

We understand that using the Portal can be confusing, so that’s why we’re always available to assist you! Contact for assistance using the Portal, and we’ll try to make your experience as smooth as possible.

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