What You Need for Your First Dance Class

How to Enter a Dance Studio Ready to Move!

Are you ready to begin your journey into the world of dance?

Whether you’re finally taking the leap into a new hobby or you’re sending your child to their first dance class experience, the first dance class of the season is an exciting and memorable experience.

It’s a chance to express yourself through movement, build confidence, and maybe even discover a lifelong passion. At Saorsa Studio, we pride ourselves on fostering those magical dance developments and experiences.

But before you take your first steps on the dance floor, there’s one essential task at hand: packing your dance bag.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the must-have items you need to bring to your first dance class. From proper attire to essential accessories, we’ve got you covered so that you can focus on learning, having fun, and unleashing your inner dancer. 

How to Pack a Bag for Dance Class

First things first, invest in a sturdy and spacious dance bag. Look for a bag with multiple compartments to keep your items organized. A dedicated dance bag can be a game-changer, as it’s designed to accommodate dance gear efficiently.

Shop our recommendations below!

Dance Class Packing List

Once you have your dance bag, you’ll need to fill it with dance class essentials:

1. Dancewear

For our 12 week programs, participants are asked to come wearing comfortable activewear. This could include shorts or leggings, bodysuits, shirts and tank tops, sneakers, etc. 

For our full year programs, dancers are asked to wear:

  • Black shorts or skirt
  • Black tank, t-shirt, or bodysuit
  • White knee socks
  • Ghillies (dance shoes) (more on this below!)

2. Dance Shoes

As mentioned above, all returning dancers in our full year programs are asked to wear ghillies (AKA dance shoes, dance slippers). 

For Returning Dancers: You can purchase ghillies through the studio or through For Reel Apparel.

To shop our studio stock: log into the Portal > Book a Private Lesson > 15 min Shoe Fitting > Schedule > Pick Your Time!

For New Dancers: Dance shoes are not a requirement when just starting out. But we’ve linked a low cost alternative if dancers prefer to have more than socks on their feet!

3. Personal Essentials

First, full year students are asked to have their hair in a bun (or secured back for short hair). Whether you’re doing a bun or some other hair style, you’ll need supplies. We recommend also keeping some essentials in your bag!

In addition to hair supplies, you’ll need the following:

  • Dance notebook and pencil/pen: As you’ll soon learn, writing down goals, corrections, and practices is highly encouraged for all of our dancers. Particularly for anyone with competitive goals, a dance notebook is essential! To keep track of everything in one place, make sure you come prepared with a notebook.
  • Water and snacks: Stay hydrated and fed by always having a water bottle in your bag, and keeping a few snacks on hand for when you want them.
  • Deodorant and a towel: For non-child dancers in particular, dance class can be a very sweaty experience. Pack accordingly!
  • First aid and recovery: Highland dance brings with it blisters, aches, soreness, and everything in between. Having first aid supplies such as bandages and recovery accessories such as a muscle roller can be a lifesaver!

Studio Swag

To show off your Saorsa Studio pride, shop For Reel Apparel’s website! Find everything from tee shirts to dance bags all branded with our studio logo OR with your favourite highland dance designs.

Ready to Jump into the Studio?

Registration is OPEN for Saorsa Studio’s Fall programming! Claim your spot in a class at either our Northside studio OR our Downtown Southside location. With classes for all ages and skill levels, there’s something for everyone!

See you there!❤️

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